My Favorite iPhone app – Do You Walk Bike Jog or Run?

If you jog, walk, run or bike, this app is terrific. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how far you traveled and what your route turned out to be? What an easy job for the iphone and an app called RunKeeper.  It couldn’t be easier to use. Hit the “Start” button when you begin and off you go. Runkeeper keeps track of your entire route using the phone’s GPS and then places your route on a map for you. A voice announces how far you’ve walked/rode at intervals along the route.

The voice tells you what your 1-mile pace is, how fast you’re going and how many miles you’ve gone. At the end of your walk Runkeeper uploads your stats and a route map to their website that only you can see. For example we’ve taken 12 long walks in the past month and all of those maps are both on my phone and on the Runkeeper website for me to review.

The FREE version of the app can be found on Itunes here.
There’s also a paid version that’s $10.

I have no problem carrying the phone in my hand when walking so that it keeps the GPS signal. But when I ride I use this wrist strap from Amazon.

4 Comments on “My Favorite iPhone app – Do You Walk Bike Jog or Run?

  1. Ken, I’m not sure about that. check the itunes site, and the site and see if there’s info. If it does, you will LOVE it.

  2. Don’t these apps quickly drain your battery? I’m noticing not much power left on your phone. I use a Garmin bike GPS that will run 17 hours, but if power drain isn’t an issue – RunKeeper looks fun ! All the bike nerds here use Strava.

    • It doesn’t noticeably drain my iPhone. I’ll pay more attention to drain next time and see how much it takes. It’s just easy to use Runkeeper as I always have the phone with me. Good to know about the Strava.

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