Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas rocks. I’ve been going to Dallas for jingle sessions since I was a teenager. I’ve had never wanted to go to Fort Worth. What a mistake. Our pal Mary Bess worked in downtown FW and there’s nothing like getting a night tour from a local….

Cowtown has a bucket of charm. Fort Worth was situated on the old Chisholm Trail so millions of cattle ended up there. You can feel this heritage everywhere in town. It’s so very Texas. A little sad to think back on just how many cattle ended their hundred mile treks in the same buildings that you’re now having fun in. (millions) But, it was what it was and a I guess a lot of people got fed. But the architecture, the vibe, the people are authentic and fun.

The area is historic, festive and from what I experienced relatively safe late into the night. Police on bicycles are everywhere.

Dinner at Daddy Jack’s was delicious and the company the best. Daddy Jack’s is a New England Lobster and Chowder House in. . .Texas! Note the mural over the bar of a cowboy riding a lobster. :)

[update]Click on the Daddy Jack’s link and leave the page open. Their site plays 5 GREAT tunes that rotate. I ended up buying them all on itunes.

2 Comments on “Fort Worth, Texas

  1. Fabulous Jim! I have to say, I LOVE FORT WORTH!! So thrilled to have been able to show you guys around and spend a bit of time together!!

    Y’all are welcome back anytime!!

    xx Mary Bess

  2. MB, you, BD, and FW are a home run! We can’t wait to come back!

    Y’all rock!


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