Panorama Photo: Go Full-Screen With the View From Talcott Mountain

Click the symbol with the four arrows under the photo and go full-screen. You can then zoom in on something and explore the Connecticut countryside. The is the view hiking half-way up Talcott Mountain in Simsbury, Ct. The sign at the base was posted with “Watch out for Bears”. I had a broken toe but I had been looking forward to the climb for weeks and  did it anyway. There’s a great observation tower at the very top. Once you go full screen don’t forget to zoom with the controls and have a look around.

PHOTO: Abandoned Control Room

I like shooting industrial  things. Sophisticated places and machines that have been abandoned are even more interesting. This is the control room of a decommissioned power plant that we were given permission to document. Unlike “caveman” who broke in and tagged his name with white paint, I was given a tour by officials so I was able to take my time and observe. I could have spent hours just shooting the gauges and dials that were specially built just for this room. The long “desk” on the right contained 100 knobs and jacks and little signs that said things such as “F8bc” and “TRX9″. Not long ago people worked in this room who knew what that meant and what every switch did, what the proper electrical readings were on those gauges and how to adjust them when they were out of range. They spent their days here running the controls that fed the fuel to the boilers that superheated the water that made electricity that ran the computer I’m using right now to type this. It’s now about a year later and this room has long been demolished. At least I got to see it.  So, evidently did “caveman”.

PHOTO: Purple and Green From 30,000 Feet, Who Lives Here?

There are vast sections of the American West and Southwest that look just like this. Despite it’s remoteness, I’m sure every inch of it is owned by someone. Can you hike this? Can you even reach it? What kind of wildlife would you meet? There is so much land like this that that during a flight traveling at 400 mph I can look down to marvel, then read a book for 40 minutes and glance again out the window……and it’s all still out there! I’m fascinated by geography like this. At the top of this shot appears to be a little settled area and a road. Wouldn’t it be great if you could feed such a shot into Google maps and bam…it could tell you where this is?


Photo: Old and New: Blimp Over Tower Bridge London

A lot of my photos capture this: something old with something modern. I just like it and I rarely have to try very hard, the pairs just seem to appear when I need them to. While taking this shot of Tower Bridge, the Gods of Photography supplied a modern Stella Artois blimp at just the right time. Does this happen to you? I just had to wait for it to drift into the right position. Now something strange about the blimp: If you click the photo and go to the large version you’ll see the tether rope hanging below the front drifting back toward the gondola. This shows the blimp was moving or was heading into wind. But what is the distortion coming off the top of the blimp against the sky? Is it venting something? It that effect from heat? I’d love to hear from a blimp expert.