Photo: On Final Approach

by Jim Cutler

Don’t you keep the shade open when you are landing? Most people don’t but I do. It’s hard to get this shot because either the weather isn’t clear, the haze is thick, you’re on the wrong side of the plane, or coming into Laguardia the approach is from the other side. This was a lucky time when it call was in my favor, coming back from Dallas to LGA.
On Final Approach to NYC by Jim Cutler

Photo of Same Los Angeles Location: 1948 and Today

by Jim Cutler

Then and Now – Same Location in LA from 1948 and Today

Here is the same location, 67 years apart. This is the triangular corner of Downtown where S.Spring and S. Main meet 9th Street in Los Angeles. Notice the old street lamp on the left (above the Fedex truck) is also in the 1948 photo! That same street lamp and fixture survives to this day. The 1948 shot is an archive photo found all over the web. I located what it looks like today from Google Street View. The building in the center and the large one on the left are the same in both photos.



How To Capture Lightning With Your Camera

by Jim Cutler

A Reliable Way to Trigger Your Camera to Capture Lighting – the “Lightning Trigger”

Here’s a  how-to clip from Leo Laporte’s “The New Screen Savers” on the THIS WEEK IN TECH network last week. Watch the rest of this episode of “The New Screen Savers” at:

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