How To Capture Lightning With Your Camera

by Jim Cutler

A Reliable Way to Trigger Your Camera to Capture Lighting – the “Lightning Trigger”

Here’s a  how-to clip from Leo Laporte’s “The New Screen Savers” on the THIS WEEK IN TECH network last week. Watch the rest of this episode of “The New Screen Savers” at:

My Market Advice for Today’s HUGE Selloff

by Jim Cutler

STOCK MARKET CLOSES 588 points down today. I recommend buying art instead. Specifically the dogs playing poker. Seek out black velvet posters of Elvis shaking hands with Richard Petty done with the 43 car in fluorescent chalk. Or the “Hang In There” poster of the kitten holding the branch. Of course I’m not a professional and these investments contain risk so consult your broker.

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