PHOTO: Jones Beach Water Tower

Today’s Photo – Repairing the Jones Beach Water Tower

From my photo archives, this is the Jones Beach Water Tower. It sits on a barrier island off the south shore of Long Island where the Wantagh and the Ocean Parkway meet. Built in the late 1920’s by Robert Moses the architecture is modeled after the campanile of St. Marks Cathedral in Venice. 231 feet high, it pumps 1000 year old water from wells 1100 feet deep according to Wikimapia. In this 2009 infrared photo, the tower was under substantial repair.

Jones Beach Water Tower under repair in 2009 Photo by Jim Cutler.
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360 Degree Panoramic Photo at Fire Island Lighthouse


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Photo: Sunrise at Montauk Point Light

Sunrise at Montauk Point Light, Montauk, NY by Jim Cutler

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Animated Gif – Batter Doesn’t Like the Call


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Brooklyn Fulton Ferry Landing Panoramic Photo

Brooklyn Fulton Ferry Landing panoramic photo on

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