Cold, Foggy, Winter at the Beach

Early Morning Beach in the Fog

There’s not much to see! It’s early, it’s foggy, it’s winter. It’s cold. You’re standing on Robert Moses Beach, Fire Island.  The Atlantic is at your feet and South is toward the ocean. Take a look all around. I actually like the shore in winter as much as in summer even though there isn’t as much to see. I’d argue that it’s just as dramatic. The winter ocean has it’s own nice power, it’s dangerously cold, it smells clean and great, it’s not crowded. Anyone else feel that way, too? This is on a sand spit off the southern coast of Long Island New York. In the next Post we’ll start here and hike over to the lighthouse. By the way: Go FULLSCREEN by clicking the icon with the 4 arrows.

Winter at the beach location Robert moses State Park

Exploring the Great Brooklyn Museum

Snowpocalypse 2015

As I write this we’re getting 30 inches of snow. Mass transit is closed as of 11pm. It’s kind of a big deal because the NYC area doesn’t usually get this much. For those outside the USA that’s about 70 cm of snow in one storm.

Exploring the Brooklyn Museum of Art

My daughter Jen showed me around the Brooklyn Museum this weekend. It’s world class and right in Brooklyn. She visits there often but I hadn’t been since around the age of ten. The BM of Art is just a block for Jay Z and Beyonce’s building so if you’re invited to the superstar couple’s place for dinner, you should suggest a walk over to the Brooklyn Museum afterwards. You, Jay and Bae will enjoy the American, European, Egyptian, Classical, African, Islamic, Pacific and Feminist collections. Right now on the first floor there is a huge and surprisingly amazing exhibit about the history of wild shoes in fashion. It’s a must see, and it’s a deep and very cool collection. It’s one that make you repeatedly say to the people you are with, “and look at these!” The BMA staff is one of the better and friendlier staffs of the Museums I’ve seen, and I’ve seen my share. The vibe is friendly and they are glad you are there. The visiting crowd is wonderfully diverse and every age group. This is a great visit. Easy to get to because the 2 and 3 train stops right there. Afterwards, walking around the neighborhood and exploring Grand Army Plaza is fun.

There are lots of opportunities for photography.

PHOTO: Winter Sailing

Dead of Winter In an Open Boat? Sure.

I can’t imagine how cold these people were with the wind and water hitting them that morning. Winter sailing is getting to be more popular each year. This was shot from Long Island’s north shore looking across to the buildings of New Rochelle in Westchester. The leader standing in the middle would give instructions and everyone else followed in close formation. Pretty talented group there. The wind was very strong. Would you do this? Or would you prefer to be inside with a hot chocolate?


Time Travel With Google Maps

My Photo of Lincoln Street, Paris From 2008

Take a virtual time-travel trip with Google Maps. Have you ever dropped a pin on a random street in a foreign city and wondered around in Street View? Get any photo of a place you’ve been to years ago. Find the same location today in Google Maps street view and check out what has changed. I made this snapshot seven years ago on Rue Lincoln in Paris near the Lincoln Cinema. It’s easy to find just off the Champs-Elysees. Look below to the same location in Google Maps and compare the two. The Lincoln Cinema is still there, so is SFR. But there have been a lot of subtle changes in the seven years.

My photo of Lincoln Street in Paris 2008 © jim cutler all rights reserved

My photo of Lincoln Street in Paris 2008 © jim cutler all rights reserved


Google’s Street View of Lincoln Street, Paris From 2015


We’re heading to Iceland at some point so I jumped into a random street view in Google Maps. I found myself right in front of IKEA!

Urban Portrait – Sarah’s Photo

First World Problem

My iTunes has accumulated so much junk and so many obscure album cuts that the good stuff is obscured in the muck. I know, I know,  having too much is a “First-World” problem and I have no right to complain. But if I had to do it again I would have been much more selective. Yes I could make playlists but it still means weeding through thousands of songs. That time I just don’t have. And how much of all of that did I pay for?

Sarah’s Urban Portrait Session

Two lights, good background wall, simple expression. Simple is what I like. Profoto D1 strobe aimed sideways at the wall behind her with a grid. Profoto beauty dish with grid about 3 feet up to the front and right. A white reflector to the left for an extremely tiny bit of fill. Cold. Night. No city permits were needed for the location, no extra muscle needed to protect the set this late at night. Album cover. Simple.

urban portrait Sarah

© jim cutler visuals All rights reserved