Photo: Sunrise at Montauk Point Light

Today’s Photo – Sunrise at Montauk Point Light

Before 6am with my camera and it’s very windy here on the cliffs. The sign said the park doesn’t open before dusk but I’ve been here for about an hour in the dark. Turns out I’m not alone, there are two figures just below the lighthouse at the water’s edge. Probably fisherman.

4th Oldest Lighthouse in the USA – But Will it Last?

It still works! The second Congress under George Washington authorized the funds to build it in 1792, with a massive renovation taking place in 1860. The last human lighthouse keepers left in 1943. When built, it was 300 feet from the sea. Today, because of shoreline erosion it’s only 100 feet from the edge.

Sunrise at Montauk Point Light, Montauk, NY by Jim Cutler
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