PHOTO: Upper West Side, Central Park, George Washington Bridge

Follow the Hudson river up past the George Washington Bridge as it passes the cliffs of the Palisades, curving to the left toward the unseen Tappan Zee Bridge beyond. You could follow the river north for 315 miles to where it begins near Mount Marcy, New York’s highest peak. The buildings of the Upper West side aren’t grey, they’re shades of pink and red and orange and yellow in this light. Even with no sun the Sheep Meadow of Central Park is filled with people laying out on the grass. The buildings at the bottom of the image are: Black building on the bottom left is the Alliance Bernstein Bldg on 6th between 54th and 55th. Just beyond that you can see the backwards sign on the roof of the Essex House on Central Park South. Next on the right is the turquoise roof of the Hampshire House. To the right of that is the gold top of Trump Parc on Central Park South.